Monday, September 21, 2015


In accordance with the Government of India, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Department of Disability guidelines vide OM F. No. 16-110/2003-DD.III dated 26.02.2013 the schools are instructed to abide by the following guidelines regarding differently abled candidates during the conduct of CBSE Examination.
1. The differently abled candidates may be given compensatory time of 50 minutes in each paper of CBSE and CBSE-i Examination for differently abled candidates who are making use of scribe/amanensis. All the candidates with disability not availing the facility of scribe may also be allowed compensatory time of 50 minutes.
2. The facility of scribe/amanuensis may be allowed to any person who has disability of 40% of more if so desired by the person.
3. The candidate may be permitted for opting of his own scribe/amanuensis or may be provided by the Centre Superintendent on his/her request. Such candidates are advised to request the centre superintendent for amanuesis one day before the examination in between 10:00 AM to 1:00 Pm.
4. There will be no criteria for educational qualification, age etc. for the scribe/amanensis.
5. Proper seating arrangement preferably at ground floor should be made prior to the
commencement of Examination to avoid confusion.
6. The time of giving the question paper, should be marked accurately and timely supply of question paper mean for visually impaired candidates, should be ensured.
7. There should also be flexibility in accomodating any change in scribe/reader/lab assistant in case of emergency. The candidates should also be allowed to take more than one scribe/reader for writing different papers especially for language.
8. In addition in this, the near relatives of the candidates may be permitted to be present in the
examination hall only for the purpose of motivation and support to the candidate.