Tuesday, June 9, 2015


(a) Admission register in the form prescribed by the State Government concerned/Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan/ Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti as the case may be, shall be maintained by the "School" where the name of every student joining "the School" shall be entered.

(b) Successive numbers must be allotted to students on their admission and each student should
retain this number throughout the whole of her career in the school. A student returning to the
school after absence of any duration shall resume her original admission number.

(c) If a student applying for admission to a school has attended any other school, an authenticated
copy of the Transfer Certificate in the format given in Examination Byelaws from her last school
must be produced before her name can be entered in the Admission register.
(d) In no case shall a student be admitted into a class higher than that for which she is entitled
according to the Transfer Certificate.
(e) A student shall not be allowed to migrate from one "School" to another during the session after her name has been sent up for the Secondary School (class X) Examination conducted by the Board.
This condition may be waived only in special circumstances by the Chairman, CBSE.
(f) A student leaving her school at the end of a session or who is permitted to leave her school during
the session on account of migration from one city/State to another on the transfer of the
parent(s) or shifting of their families from one place to another or parents' request, especially in
classes IX/X, as the case may be, shall on payment of all dues, receive an authenticated copy of
the Transfer Certificate up to date. A Duplicate copy may be issued if the Head of the School is
satisfied that the original is lost but it shall always be so marked.
(g) In case a student from an institution not affiliated to the Board seeks admission in a school
affiliated to the Board, such a student shall produce a transfer certificate duly countersigned by
an authority as indicated in the format given in Examination Byelaws.
(h) If the statement made by the parent or guardian of a student or by the student herself if she was
major at the time of her admission to a school, is found to contain any wilful misrepresentation of
facts regarding the student's career, the Head of the School may punish her as per provision of the
Education Act of the State/Union Territory or Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan/Navodaya Vidyalaya
Samiti rules, as the case may be respectively and report the matter to the Board.

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