Monday, June 8, 2015

Formulation of CBSE School Curriculum

Formulation of CBSE School Curriculum 
The National Curriculum Framework (NCF 2005) is the framework on the basis of which the Central Board of Secondary Education formulates its own curriculum and syllabus document by adopting and adapting the guidelines and syllabus provided.
There are a number of underlying factors, which are evident in this document:
  •  values and underlying principles of the Constitution; 
  •  general and specific teaching and assessment objectives; 
  •  learning outcomes of different levels Secondary and Senior Secondary; 
  • lesson distribution in terms of time; 
  •  possible innovative pedagogies for curricular transaction, transformative and beyond textbooks and classrooms; 
  •  integration of cross-curricular themes for all subject areas; 
  •  collaboration between home and school; 
  •  collaboration between school and community; 
  •  project based learning to build research capabilities; 
  •  guidance and counselling activities through counsellors appointed by the schools; 
  •  emphasis on inclusion strategies; 
  •  provision of diagnostic and remedial teaching-learning; 
  •  emphasis on multiple modes of assessment through descriptors of good performance; 
  •  organisation of various club activities such as, 'Eco Club', 'Health and Wellness Club', 'Literary Clubs', 'Disaster Management Clubs', 'Consumer Clubs', etc.; 
  •  provision of integrated activity based program on Environmental Education from classes I-XII; 
  •  provision of NCC/NSS and other activities mentioned under physical education; 
  •  provision of varied disciplines under sports but definitely the 16 disciplines which form a part of the CBSE Competitive Sports program.

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